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Shweta, the dynamic, vibrant founder of ShwetYoga emphasizes the beauty and strength of yoga. Yoga is in her blood, she lives for yoga. Yoga has enabled her in establishing a strong sense of affirmations, accomplishing multi-tasks effortlessly and developing core strength and a stable mind. Her approach through ShwetYoga is to highlight the importance of yoga to the fitness world and the masses through a holistic one.

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Working with Shwet Yoga has been an honour to me and I derive peace of mind and immense bliss. Coming from a weight training background, ShwetYoga gifted me a new dimension. Our leader focuses on maintaining relations with clients, sharing views with them and offering solutions – all this has helped me in my growth physically and spiritually. It is with great ease that I am able to build a strong rapport with clients. Credit also goes to our mentor for organizing a sense of discipline in me.

Aruna, Program & Sales Coordinator

It has been a great learning experience working with Shweta Madam. Coming from a domestic background, transformation in me is massive – it is not only growth at the fitness level, but also of social awareness, communication skills, personality development – an overall development at the career level too is visible in me. The immense job satisfaction, on the spot appreciation I receive while conducting my sessions cannot be expressed beyond words.

Mansi More, Associate

My journey with ShwetYoga has been a memorable learning process that has enabled me to re-live my life all over again exploring new dimensions in various fields. I consider myself fortunate in enjoying the flavours of life with a few years of lectureship and a sudden twist to my career with Shwet Yoga

My learning process has been dynamic – variations of each and every asana redefined by our leader herself in relation with all schools of yoga, the beauty of meditation through Self Awareness Program, the concept of Shwet Yoga that boot camp, a functional training workout is as important as Yoga – the very vividness of the concept enforced by bonding with the forum.

Pratipal Kaur, Event Coordinator, Marketing Sales

I had heard people speaking about transformation; however was unable to believe it till I experienced it myself and my family through Shweta Madam

It is not only Shweta Madam’s dedication to the fitness field that is eye-catching, but also her concern and compassion while handling the members that is appreciable.

As per my family’s sessions too I have observed the way she handles individual case specifically; catering to their mood swings, requirements, playing the role of a “doctor” treating emotions and spreading happiness and positivity all around her.

Jaywant Bhoir, Client, Nitro Fitness Centre

It is a fun-fit workout with Shweta Madam, the positivity plus the vibrancy she showers in the class is life-experiencing indeed. Beginning my day with her sessions makes my day mirthful. Her sessions comprise of a rigorous workout of cardio followed by a wonderful session of meditation. A great combo of Aero + Shwet Yoga + Boot camp imparts a complete power-packed training by her team.

Sugandhi Nagraj, Client, Nitro Fitness Centre

Shweta Madam’s dedication to work and her benevolence to every individual go hand in hand. The training is tailor-made that caters to beginners and senior students in the same batch. Madam’s training grades up to a rigorous level enabling us to build our immunity and core strength.

Pooja Wadhwa, Client, Nitrro Fitness Redefined

It is a beautiful experience for us (members) when Shweta Madam conducts our class. Her vibrancy and energy level in Aerobics, the happiness she spreads around us relaxes our mind and body. Madam’s kindness overwhelms us and her encouraging spirit motivates to bring out the best in us. Special thanks to her for being an inspiring teacher. The transformation in me has been drastic. A spiritual touch I experience in Madam which brings me close to my soul while interacting with her.

Nisha Mourya, Client, Nitro Fitness Centre

I am fortunate indeed to b a part of ShwetYoga member as I hv found Shweta Mam to be the finest yoga gurus in my knowledge. She not only stretches our limits, bt also exceeds all our limits. Her excellence in communication skills, Zumba, Aero is remarkable indeed. A wonderful person & a "healer" of all problems. Thanks to Shweta mam & her team for motivating me in fitness.

Deepak Laljani, Client, Nitro Fitness centre

It ws a wonderful session of ShwetaYoga that my workers & the entire staff received frm Shweta mam & her team. Merging of lecture & the daily practice of yoga with meditation enabled my firm with a new awakening of applications of yoga.

Bharat Seth, Client, Transport, Monarays Marine Services Pvt. Ltd

My love for yoga hs obviously imbibed through Shweta mam & her team. The rigorous training provided catering to all kinds of audience is commendable. The variations of asans, different themes in each session brings out a totally new experience. Yoga by the swimming pool is one of d most memorable ones. Lots of regards to Madam & her team.

Heena Khushlani, Client, Nitro Fitness centre

I am thankful to Ms. Shweta Varpe for accepting invitation of our firm for a lecture & practical workshop on 21 June 2016, being the International Yoga Day, in spite of having a hectic schedule. Her lecture on Yoga - its benefits, significance, application in our daily life reached effectively to my staff. The coordination of her team is also appreciable. Thanks Shwetaji for this session.

Bharti Mishra, Veena Die Casters, SIPRA